No-Fault Collection Lawyers

New York City No Fault Medical Bills – Collection Attorneys

Unpaid, Denied or Delayed No-Fault Medical Bills

In our aim to deliver unique, customized, and sophisticated service packages to our clients, our team will find the best strategy to fight against insurance carriers’ improper and arbitrary denials. The New York State Insurance Law provides healthcare practitioners with two options to recover money for services rendered to injured claimants. Disputes with insurance carriers can either be submitted to AAA arbitration or be filed in civil court. We work with physicians to determine the right approach to maximize their recovery and obtain the best results.

No Fault Collections – Free Consultation

At Choudhry & Franzoni Law Firm Our approach is to deliver the very best No Fault Collection Service to our Clients and insure that they can meet their financial goals. We welcome physicians and their staff to visit our offices however a collection’s attorney from our firm is available to visit your office for the initial consultation at your convenience. There is never a charge for practice consultation services. Prior to starting the legal work, we will meet with you, one on one, to evaluate the arbitration model versus the litigation model, discuss possible settlement strategies that might apply to your files and decide the best approach for you and your practice.

No Fault Collections – Seamless Data Transfer

Choudhry & Franzoni Law Firm – No Fault Collection Lawyers, we believe in adding value to our client’s lives and not making them work extra. Whether your practice is on paper, EMR or on a hybrid model, we will customize a quick, efficient and HIPAA compliant solution for data transfer. Your staff will be able to send us no-fault collection files easily and efficiently without adding extra work load to their work day. To start with we have a convenient, fully digital and HIPAA compliant system capable of streamlining all information to and from our clients, saving you time and money. Choudhry and Franzoni Law Firm are on the cutting edge of technology revolution when it comes to connecting with our clients. We use the latest cutting edge technologies to give our clients the competitive edge on their collections. In addition, we are consistently working to maintain the highest level of HIPAA compliance, and digital security for our clients.

No-Fault Collections Expeditiously

Our law firm will fight to protect the rights of our clients. The founding partner Sheryar Choudhry, Esq has over 20 years of No-Fault industry experience. Today our clients include publicly listed companies to solo practitioners. Regardless the size and volume of your practice, we are here to help collect every single dollar you are entitled to. As a no fault collection’s law firm we are dedicated to develop and fine-tune our proprietary software, with the end goal always being the top recoveries in the least amount of time. Our approach is to deliver the very best No Fault Collection Service to our Clients and insure that they can meet their financial goals. You may be a health care provider or an employee responsible for collecting on unpaid medical bills. We are experienced attorneys who are interested in explaining how we can meet your no-fault litigation and collections needs. Our law firm is committed to efficient, effective medical debt collection for services under no-fault insurance laws.

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