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No-fault Collection has proven to be one of the most complex niches of medical collections.  Since most collection law firms do not specialize in no-fault collection’s they are unaware of its complexities. Healthcare providers who are brave enough to accept no-fault insurance as a method of payment are in the same boat, and often face many difficulties in getting paid for their services.

No-fault medical collection requires the use of special forms, and adherence to government requirements, specific time limitations, and special mailing instructions. These, along with other intricate billing processes, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to no-fault collections.

Automobile insurance companies work hard not to pay the healthcare provider. Meanwhile, they are declaring record numbers in annual profits. The fact is, insurance companies are doing everything they possibly can to ensure the delay or denial of claims for healthcare services. This results in physicians having to face long delays in payments, cash flow issues, and difficulty sustaining or expanding their practice.

Our Approach to No-Fault Collections: Deliver the very best no-fault collection service to our clients and help them meet their financial goals.

We addressed the issues of no-fault collection by breaking down the entire procedure into several components. We have rethought the entire no-fault collection process from start to finish with cutting-edge yet practical approaches. As a no-fault collections law firm, we aim to deliver unique, customized, and sophisticated service packages to deliver the best results to our clients. We built a Customized No-Fault collections management Software and reinvented no-fault collections from ground up.

Choudhry & Franzoni Law Firm – No Fault Collection Lawyers

 At Choudhry & Franzoni, PLLC we have the strengths, both financial and in terms of manpower to fight hard for our clients. We refuse to accept low ball offers from insurance companies. We fight hard for our clients and recover the maximum amount allowed by law. We are not ready and committed to take the insurance carriers on in either arbitration hearing or in civil court trails. A Free Consultation With No Fault Collections Attorney is Only A Phone Call Away. Please Call Now 212 LAW 8000.

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